VideoMonitor v1.02 is now available - FREE!

Be one of the first to try out the new release of this open-source webcam package, featuring built-in FTP and webserver support, motion detection, image captioning, advanced image postprocessing, and more!

VideoMonitor's intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to use. Check out some screenshots of VideoMonitor in action.


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VideoMonitor is a comprehensive FREE webcam application that gives you unprecedented control over the snapshots from your camera.

Some of VideoMonitor's features include:
  • Built-in FTP client to upload snapshots to an Internet FTP server
  • Built-in webserver to turn your computer and home Internet connection into a mini-webcam-website
  • Automatic image captioning with transparency and support for multiple captions
  • High-quality image manipulation system, including automatic:
    • Image resizing, with bicubic/bilinear interpolation (used by industry-standard image editing software)
    • Image cropping, to remove unwanted areas of snapshots
    • Image sharpening, to increase image clarity
    • Image softening, to increase image smoothness
    • Color, brightness, and contrast adjustment (independent from your camera's built-in color management)
  • Advanced motion detection system to alert you whenever motion is detected on your camera
  • Recent snapshot history browser
  • Manual snapshot feature to take snapshots on demand

VideoMonitor is released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

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